What sets Wonder apart …


With over 200 novelties to choose from and a variety of premium foodservice products and brands, Wonder Ice Cream Company presents operators the convenience of distributor consolidation for the brands their customers love including such brands as Good Humor, Klondike, Popsicle, Ben & Jerry’s, M&M / Mars products, Blue Bunny, Its’ It and many more!

Wonder Ice Cream has many freezer options available to fit our customers needs, we offer a counter top model, upright models, 2ft merchandisers, 3ft merchandisers, 4ft merchandisers, 5ft merchandisers and 6ft merchandisers to any customer whose volume will support the placement.

Customer Service
Our Wonder Ice Cream staff operates with a “can do” attitude which enables us to offer superior customer service. Our route salesmen are courteous, knowledgeable and professional as they work to maintain and enhance your freezer and ice cream sales. Wonder Ice Cream route salesman offer full service merchandising on every delivery through a multitude of services. Our mandatory services on every delivery include maintaining cabinet presentation by cleaning and removing ice build up, cleaning the exterior of the cabinet, product rotation, tagging all items for price and description, positioning point of sale, and finally completing the delivery by issuing invoices at the time of sale.

Marketing Support
Brand Awareness is essential this is why we also offer marketing / point of sale to make your ice cream business visible to the consumer. We will also help you to execute any of the programs available through your preferred brand in order to support and grow your sales. In working with your locations we are prepared to offer tailored marketing programs to promote sales on key items and increase customer foot traffic in your locations.

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